I express
away again
away again
a sway again
a sagging before looking
away again


I suppress
a day again
a day again
away again
a lagging before sleeping
a day again

faster than ever slower than you

faster than ever
slower than you

on a bicycle

tucked away in the sun
is the next day

and all
the days
it chases

a smoking thing of danger

it’s never the things we love
not our father or our mother
not our child or our bride –
it is the things we smother

which makes us


this other of the other

this us
who is the darkness
who is nobody’s brother

lucky you who do not have
a smoking thing of danger
that makes us look at all we love
through the eyes of a stranger

outside on the floor

why can’t we
turn a

strongly     stronger
strongly          stronger

got erased

into a
swoon        state
a swan             store
a very               well
bolted door

that opens in a little more
a little    more     a little     more

and by the time you hit the ground
you are outside on the floor

sky falling to ground

this is the map
of many maps
this is the sign
of many signs
this is the angle
where you see me
as I am
against the sky

but take
one step
one step
one step
one step
turn around

there is no me to see
only sky falling to ground

Where has your horse gone rider?

Amidst adrifts, a horse passed cantor
crashes through the trees,
dragging behind the lantern;
and this forest is a fire,
and its echoes echo swift.

Where has your horse gone rider?
Where has your horse gone rider?
Where has your horse gone rider?

Not in these ashes that you sift.

a step lightly

a step lightly
a steep light up
raised up with steeples
brought down with cups
out of wands
bound in by spoons
we porked the pig
while we mooned the moon
let go and threw overboard
anything that looked like weight
and we moaned that noon
had come too soon
and midnight came too late

New Years Resolutions Derived from Sunday Coupon Inserts

Resolve to bring out the best in me.
Face the world with a bright outlook.
Establish a healthy routine that works for my family.
Keep the medicine cabinet stocked for sneezes, sniffles and pain.
Tackle savings on perfect football snacks.
Enjoy a sweet year without all the calories from added sugar.
Resolve to eat dessert.
Live a big, bold, flavor filled life.
Help minimize blood sugar spikes.
Be prepared for my next cold sore.
Break up tough power clumps with the five-sided paddle sak.
Give them comfort without harsh chemicals.
Protect devices from damaging leaks.
Stay calm, cool and connected.
Help avoid an expensive septic disaster.
Be 4X more effective.
Choose vitamins & supplements recognized by experts.
Help fight the flu before it starts.
Join the mission to save handwriting & see how awesome I can be.
Map out a brand new start for my family.
Get relief when I need it most.
Meet the new eye candy of the candy aisle.
Stay strong, stay active.
Discover a snack with more protein.
Don’t just survive. Be completely satisfied.
Start feeling better.
Get relief without causing harsh side effects.
Choose juice. Not syrup.
Fill up on good times.
Move to a world of color.
Don’t drop the ball on game day.
Charm my guests.
Try Wheaties with chocolate milk.
Switch to the more potent multi-vitamin.
Make today steak worthy.
Fill my year with goodness.
Feel fresh and new.
Experience a freshness that lasts.

sad fish, sad fish

sad fish, sad fish,
you’re the saddest fish I’ve met
living out your land-locked days
thrashing round in your own net

and if I had my way
you’d be sent back to the sea
where you could stay inside your net
if that’s where you’d like to be
but at least, come what may,
you’d be back inside the sea

living out your what’s left days
thrashing round in your own net
sad fish, sad fish
you’re the saddest fish I’ve met

for better or reverse

for better or reverse,
it takes a Potemkin village
where the devil is in the de-

remembrance isn’t golden,
but it isn’t teal either

Don’t matter a bit.
That’s an order soldier!

I don’t know if this will help at all,
but sometimes it helps to think of death
as very passive-aggressive sleeping.

a police state is
an arresting idea
at best

never back down from speaking the truth,
but if you have to, stand around 75 meters back,
and keep the motor running

so much for the much as such
so munch for the mash is slush

is less familiar or nostalgic?

a second signifier
in the brassy bowl?

all systems grow

and this bird you CAN change!

This looks almost too good to be a garage.

History is almost as important as its content.

America’s a nation too – remember that.

perhaps the low points
of being at the top of the mountain
are lower than the high points of the valley

not on your life;
your death is negotiable

It’s never just about finding the guts.
It’s about reaching deep down in your guts
and finding the guts
to eat the guts
you have found.

Fear is exactly the type of tool you love to use
because it works so well.

The idea of firing off a flare gun
gives no light.

Treat a good idea like a marmoset –
clean of dirt, dead skin and parasites –
and it might just reward you with
marmoset pups you need to get rid of.