Questions from HuffPost’s “GPS for the Soul” That Make My Soul Feel Even More Lost and Directionless

Could you be harming your kidneys without realizing it?

Every time you go to a new doctor or dentist
and they give you a clipboard brimming with
documents to fill out and sign, notice how they
always ask for your Social Security number?
Do you dutifully give it up?

Why don’t we all smile more often?

Are you taking responsibility for where
you appear in your life and in the world?

To what or to where are you advancing?

What “succession” and legacy are you creating?

Are you alive?

Are You Living in Limbo?

How awake are you to the real you?

Do you want to stop spacing out when behind the wheel?

What’s Your Guiding Word?

Where Are You
the Flow?

How do you celebrate the holidays
in the wake of a national tragedy?

How Bold Is Your Creative Expression?

Are you trying to be something you’re not (yet)?

Who Do You Think You Are?

What can you practice learning that will liberate you from the shackles of who you
aren’t and launch you into your hidden, unlived life which promises joy?

What message do you create through how you move through life?

What’s the big deal?



Spiritual Leprosy: Are You Afflicted?

Are there high-stakes areas in my life where I should
start looking at risks from a different direction?

If you want to take a walk, don’t you know you still need
to keep your wits about you, especially at night?

If you overlook a group of people trashing someone else’s property
because they can, what will you say if the next person they target is you?

Are a Lack of Boundaries Turning Our Children into Criminals?

Have We Already Moved on From Hurricane Sandy?

What’s Really In Your Easter Basket?

What Would You Give Your Right Arm For?

How Uncomfortable Are You Willing To Be?

Do you think about the health of your heart?
If not, why not?

Will Your Heart Go On?

What if there were no more years?

If You Are Not Your Body, Who Are You?

How are you stepping toward inner peace?

How Stable Is Your Gait?

Are You Dancing With Life?

Are You Fighting Yourself?

Are you good enough?

Is there some sort of magical number of adverse events or circumstances that
become too many to overcome?

Does this make sense?

Does this work?

Are you happy?

When does denial become pathological?

100% appropriated text; source(s): each line is a question appearing in/on the Huffington Post’s “GPS for the Soul” and related sections. I could given a cite for each line, but I that takes the fun away from things.

Confession: I actually am starting to like “GPS for the Soul”, but sometimes I find it…well…ironic in that their site has a lot of articles on “stress” and stress-relief, and yet, I often find myself feeling more stressed reading the site as a result of being bombarded with questions similar to the above. When that happens, I go to or