a step lightly

a step lightly
a steep light up
raised up with steeples
brought down with cups
out of wands
bound in by spoons
we porked the pig
while we mooned the moon
let go and threw overboard
anything that looked like weight
and we moaned that noon
had come too soon
and midnight came too late

for better or reverse

for better or reverse,
it takes a Potemkin village
where the devil is in the de-

remembrance isn’t golden,
but it isn’t teal either

Don’t matter a bit.
That’s an order soldier!

I don’t know if this will help at all,
but sometimes it helps to think of death
as very passive-aggressive sleeping.

a police state is
an arresting idea
at best

never back down from speaking the truth,
but if you have to, stand around 75 meters back,
and keep the motor running

so much for the much as such
so munch for the mash is slush

is less familiar or nostalgic?

a second signifier
in the brassy bowl?

all systems grow

and this bird you CAN change!

This looks almost too good to be a garage.

History is almost as important as its content.

America’s a nation too – remember that.

perhaps the low points
of being at the top of the mountain
are lower than the high points of the valley

not on your life;
your death is negotiable

It’s never just about finding the guts.
It’s about reaching deep down in your guts
and finding the guts
to eat the guts
you have found.

Fear is exactly the type of tool you love to use
because it works so well.

The idea of firing off a flare gun
gives no light.

Treat a good idea like a marmoset –
clean of dirt, dead skin and parasites –
and it might just reward you with
marmoset pups you need to get rid of.

oboe relief and thermostats

oboe relief and thermostats
come heavy terrapins
move well a house upon your back
but be careful of the fins
yes, be careful of the fins

build a palace a planet a soft silhouette
a cracked care listening for more

something approaching sincere regret
washed up on the shore
washed up on the shore
and then the days and tide came
and it was no more

these are the doors approaching
their hinges
these are the dogs approaching
their flee

oh, conches I once cast away
come back to me
come back to me
oh, please come back to me

yes, conches I once cast away
oh, please come back to me

Pledge 5.A

[l, action of ethereal

l, action of ethereal

[contingent on
or resigned to
or been]

contingent on
or resigned to
or been

[out to make
a sound
lie like words]

out to make
a sound
lie like words

[satisfying the cause
it seems
to absolve]

satisfying the cause
it seems
to absolve

[damaged as
the result of
a series of acts]

damaged as
the result of
a series of acts

[so, help me,
please, sincerely]

so, help me,
please, sincerely

a tooth of teeth once shattered

a tooth of teeth
once shattered

once shattered
shattered hard

against an arm of arms
what mattered

when read through
piles marked “discard”

what glows
is glow

no need
for how

you shatter fast
your frozen toe

is that the reason
for you bow

is that the reason
you’ve climbed low

you work your fingers
down to nubs

and in this cold bag
of you bones

too late for rubs
too late for rubs

one with a field
of all alones

content to be
the never knowns

where two sides tangle

in the ring of a house
of a rock
to both edges
where two sides tangle
three sides dwell

in the bring of a mouse
of a sock
to sloth hedges
where two sides tangle
three sides moan

in the wring of a blouse
of a block
to cloth ledges
that won’t dry
where two sides tangle
three sides cry

This isn’t a form of sleep

This isn’t a form of sleep
not a when white was bright hits right kind of day
or a brightened saw shrugged sore
when our arms parted ways with our shoulders
we left them there on the floor

now I burn my dull drawer
how I burn my dull drawer

I cull draws by lamplight
in night fits by dull caws
and the reds burn so raw they roar

a sad tableaux of low repose
where hope is a brittle dried rose –
but what is it you’re standing for
all men
night inspections
wages and hours
waiting at an open door

always on the cusp of arriving at an imaginative spaniel

an imaginative spaniel
always on the cusp of arriving at
anvil footstep
from the
the retches of this
long after even the
have faded
as engraver and imitation
have faded
long after even the
the retches of this
from the
anvil footstep
always on the cusp of arriving at
an imaginative spaniel

I had met this Tsunami

I had met this
I wanted
to break
the radio
the background
out of focus
adding in
just out of frame
or vice versa
being so obvious
from the far north coast of
routines with light
to keep the setting sun
out of place at this time of evening
this usually works to emphasize
where you can have it all
but never do
meet that

a house don’t make a you

collage poem