incomplete haiku

incomplete haiku

Bucket Lists of Limited Scope and Ambition: List 6

  1. Eat an entire bag of potato chips over a single weekend.
  2. Drink coffee or a beverage that contains caffeine.

Proprietary Bar Code

Bar Code

Bucket Lists of Limited Scope and Ambition: List 5


  1. Jump from a moving train.
  2. Eat food off the ground like a chicken.

Bucket Lists of Limited Scope and Ambition: List 4

  1. Pump my own gas.
  2. Eat an avocado.

Bucket Lists of Limited Scope and Ambition: List 3

  1. Be a member of a club or organization that has a secret handshake.
  2. Own a pair of white pants.

The Complete Diary of Mona F.

Monday, September 5, 1981

(it’s difficult for me to write this, because in doing so I’m admitting that I
lack the ability to hit stuff with a weapon…)

The Outlaw Robert James Carnth Disguised as a Failed Bicycle


Instructions for “Irish Dance for Mud or Water”


Basic Performance:

Find a willing Irish Dance troupe.

Have the Irish Dance troupe perform a traditional Irish Dance
hip-deep in a mud pit or a shallow body of water.


Alternative choreography:

Have the dancers sink deeper and deeper
into the mud or water during their performance
until they are no longer visible.

After several minutes, have a Chinook helicopter
appear in the sky from behind nearby mountains
and land near the performance space.

Have the members of the Irish Dance troupe
exit the helicopter with a triumphant flourish.

references and dance story

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