Performance Poem for Frankenstein Mask


  1. Acquire a Frankenstein mask.
  2. Find a poetry open mic night on or near Halloween.
  3. Read the poem in a Frankenstein voice while wearing the mask.


  1. A decent Frankenstein voice can be achieved while speaking with your teeth clenched firmly shut.
  2. Practice. Practice. Practice.


(to the audience)
Hello. Frankenstein writer too.
(hold up poem)
Frankenstein write poem.
Title of poem is “You and I Are One”


(point to audience and self)
You and I
(bring hands together in front of you and interlock fingers)
are together.
(point to audience and self)
You and I
(hold up index finger)
are one.
(hold up index finger of right hand far to right and keep it there)
Not one
(hold up index finger of left hand far to left)
and one –
(bring index finger slowly together in front of you
to form a single index finger and raise it reverently to sky)
but one.
(with increasing volume and emotion while raising fingers higher and higher)
(point to eyes with “V” made by index and 3rd finger)
My eyes
(point to audience with index finger)
(point to audience with “V” made by index and 3rd finger)
Your eyes
(point to self with index finger)
(make 2 “V’s” with index and 3rd fingers of both hands
and have them scan the room)
We look
(shake head)
(bring hands in front of body and form
the outline of an eye and hold it there)
We look
one eye.
(rotate the eye around in a confused manner)
What does
one eye
when looking
at itself?
(move eye against chest over the heat)
It sees
(nod head happily)
in the heart.


(point to audience and self with index finger)
You and I
(hold up index finger)
are one.
We have
(point to heart)
one heart.
You and I
are one.
we have
(point to stomach)
one stomach.
(for the rest of this section,
point to the appropriate body part)
One kidney.
One pancreatic duct.
One ear drum
One Achilles tendon.
One femur.
One scapula.
One Adam’s apple.
One Broca’s area
One Wernicke’s Area
One small intestine.
One large intestine –
also called
the colon.
One Grafenberg’s spot –
also called
the G-spot.
One anus –
also called
the rectum –
also called
the butthole


(put hands with palms upwards close to each other in front of body
then move them to either side in a motion broadly encompassing everything)
you and I have
we have
(hold fingers interlocked together in front of body)
as one.
(mimic using a manual can opener)
One can opener.
(mimic casting a fishing rod and for remainder
of this section, pantomime the use of the items in question)
One fishing rod.
One flyswatter.
One vacuum cleaner.
One motorcycle.
One remote control helicopter.
One accordian.
One yo-yo.
(make high-pitched airhorn sound)
One airhorn.
One screwdriver.
One pencil sharpener.
One Rubicks Cube.
One fire extinguisher.
(pause nervously and
deliver each new “fire”
with an increasing sense of fear and panic)
(run out of the performance space yelling “fire!”
in a highly agitated manner
and do not return)

This poem was performed before a live audience at the Kelly Writers House on the Penn campus on the evening of October 30, 2013 in almost exactly the manner described above, including running from the building wearing a Frankenstein mask and screaming “Fire! Fire!”

Kelly Writers House tapes all of their events. So at some point in the future, there will be a video of this performance available. I’ll try to link to it when it goes up.