The Note from Tex


Male Pattern Baldness

Grigor the Headless Man goes to his psychiatrist and says, “Doctor, I’m horribly depressed. My hair’s falling out and everyone knows it.”

The doctor says, “But you’re headless. How do they know you’re hair’s falling out?”

Grigor replies, “I keep complaining about it to everyone.”

The Sultan and His Sons

The Sultan’s two young sons came to him one day as he sat on his throne and asked him a question.

“Father, is it lonelier to be outside on the inside or inside on the outside?”

And the Sultan had them both whipped, for he was a cruel ruler.

But that night he came into their bedroom to rub salve into their wounds and read to them from The Great Book of Tales, for though he was a cruel ruler, he was a loving father.

And although the young princes did not love being whipped, they did love bedtime stories.

So every day, they’d come to their father on the throne and ask an idle question and take their lashes and then at night listen to their father regal them with tales of battles won and lost.

It was what we in the business call “a totally fucked up family dynamic.”

Things I Will Not Tell My Child: What Happens When You Tell a Lie

Every time you tell a lie, a little boy in India will grows a second toe.

This is the same little boy in India who spontaneously loses all of his toes but one when Ryan Douglas – who’s your age and lives in Tallmadge, Ohio – tells a lie.

You and Ryan Douglas must never meet.

Dream Writing

Your senses begin on a farm. You are friends with the Armstrongs, Louis and Neil. The more they talk, the more your hair grows. You feel sluggish and confused. You are sweeping computer code into a hole that was used as someone’s eyes. There is an assumption that has been spirited away. You wipe down the water with your hands the same way. There is a stack of parts for night sleep. There is the wind equipment. There is an almost silence that can never be allowed. All the things before beginning are requested. There is a means that solves away. You spark your grounded. There is a waver you hold until you find the spot. Your stares hold you in the search. The flies shift and you understand the before.

Free Association (in Strict Mode)

Orange orange. Orange orange orange orange, orange orange orange orange orange orange. Orange, orange orange orange orange orange orange, orange orange orange orange.

Orange orange. Orange orange? Orange orange orange orange, orange orange. Orange orange orange orange, orange orange. Orange orange orange orange orange orange. Orange.

Orange? Orange orange. Orange orange, orange orange, orange orange – orange orange. Orange orange orange, orange orange orange.

Orange orange. Orange orange – orange orange, orange orange – orange orange.

Orange orange.

Orange orange.

Orange orange.

I’d really like to expand this into a 600-page novel.

To Can or Not to Can (or “How Canning Has Me Loving Myself Again”)

I love knowing how to can.

It’s worked wonders for my self-esteem.

Whenever I see a puppy or kitten my first instinct is to can it, but then I say,
“No, Gracie. No. You’re merciful now, remember?”

I smile as I bend down to pet the little critter.

It thinks I am smiling at it, but I guess I’m really smiling at myself,
basking in the warm glow of my own inherent goodness, knowing that,
once again, I have made the right decision.

Amendments to an Optional Alarm

For performance reasons beyond this [periodInMinutes] (optional double), if not null, somebody finds A Plus can be fitted with a Machine with different levers that open a door when only the correct ones are pulled. You can also add on OPPORTUNITY TO amends triggered to execute when Advanced Suppression is invoked.

After a time-out: 318 cost-effective, intelligent, addressable incidents directly from a visual flashing light FOR USE WITH STANDARD contact, close-activating or other walk-in ease-management.

After a second time-out: intervention is required by local Medication, whether from lab exercises, Virtual Surveillance, Turbocharger-Termination-Accessories, A TANK-listed pump or Receptacle for the pump in the order(s) or flow(s).

External Door key switch chance/add: interface disabled in respironics.

[No authors listed].

No flow shall limit the maximum open fitted ground fault allowing you to incorporate your own light sleep dashboard using Individual Real Speech Messages, Direct mount thermometers, audible Status symbols to further assure the safety of the strobe (which is very sweet) followed by a water-resistant medical rooster emergency application Police dispatch transmitter.

Fortune’s own maximum useful life is Fortune’s revolutionizing the expensive lower threshold for the minor Flood Detective corer chassis. It’s a bit drastic, but this delivers micro-volts of electric current when the thin cut Needle Probe w/Optional 2nd Loop is Always-on General Info.

Built in Operation or Native Local Versatile: Exit Door Prop is Synced to the daregiver to silence the fall.

Monitor for therapy, toileting or socializing sensors or Sensory Products and Compute Security.

A total usable current Control clock and a wireless external siren in the family/passenger provides
Real time-Forwarding of incoming Gas verification Expander features.

Free Security attaches assembly which tries Refer A Friend relay wiring.

Audit: The Diagram can function as a system when Loopsense #1 and #2 are open for use in an Adaptive pre-amplifier Threshold nuisance with the simple on/off logic and/or either a/the universal second Radio-Interlinked Wandering adapter for Vital non Contact notifications From the disc rupture and/or burst coming from the most convenient breastfeeding night light with optional vibration light or you/we/they/it can both repeat various methods to reset group alarms for repeat Annunciation within range of a monitored Two Way Remote burglary boost combination cheap Novelty Travel turbine Providing valuable support in the event that extra delay of condition is Dual Tone Multiple INSTANT CONTACTS FOR TIMED CONTACTS in one easy-to-use Sash strobe proximity pack that will maintain enclosure or grouping with continually signed triggers.

Audit Summary: This occurrence isn’t just an ordinary morning of appointments hush or silence being supplied to the event you do not specify.

Advanced Assessment of Continual Transmission after Initiation informs you whether this is Reliable due to Simplified Mechanics Multiplexing or Independent Serial Overrides.

There’s a new “Say when” useful for reminding you to Deactivate future events by means of constant exposure, Fault and Power.

During Request Analyzer Trip and Non-Trip Sequence selection release Pictures & Video Quotes.

Approved Numbers:

  • Automatic Trouble Events
  • Momentary Field switch silence
  • On site sleep siren
  • Cyclical personal safety, and
  • a high pitch loud microwave oven “ding” that rings when ultimate luxury is donned.

If you are in a High-ambient sensing configuration that bypasses the latest generation radio sting, provides an absolute first disconnect Non-intrusive Smart Sentinel soft shot Compatibility, responds to an unauthorized opening of acoustic and visual compartments adjusted for solid-states-of-duress with optional man-down manual pull station false alarm (shelved or unshelved) to all permissions given, below, Fill explanation or supervise according to breakdown.

Plaque at South Dakota Landmark for Rev. Nicholas Barnstable, Once Called “The American St. Patrick”

The Reverend Nicholas Barnstable at one time was considered to be “The American St. Patrick” for his work in converting countless scores of Plains Indians to Christianity.

Whereas St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain to the Irish people the great mystery of the Holy Trinity, how the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit can be three distinct spiritual entities, yet form a single spiritual entity, Barnstable did not have the shamrock
(non-indigenous to the Great Plains) to fall back on.

Legend has it that Barnstable was sitting on a hill contemplating how to explain the Holy Trinity when he noticed the black plume of smoke coming over the horizon. While others would have recognized it as merely “The Ole 315 from Kansas City,” Barnstable, in his religious fervor, interpreted it as divine intervention and praised all three members of the Holy Trinity simultaneously by shouting, “Thank you Lord for this sign!”

Barnstable substituted the train for St. Patrick’s shamrock, using it explain the mystery of the Holy Trinity to the Indians by pointing to how the engine, the coal car and the caboose are distinct entities, yet form a single train.

The turning point for Barnstable came one day when a Sioux brave innocently asked, “If the Father is the Engine and the Son is the caboose and the Holy Spirit is the coal car, then who is the dining car?”

Barnstable thought deeply on the subject and independently expanded the Holy Trinity into a “Holy Octet,” adding “The Mother,” “The Divine Wind,” “The All-Seeing Eye,” “The Sandman,” and “Average Joe”, to account for the dining car, smoking car, observation car, sleeping car, and passenger car respectively.

Rev. Barnstable was hung on this spot on October 5, 1853 by a special joint Methodist/Baptist/Catholic apostasy posse.

Notes on Water Slide Flume

Water Slide Flume means a recreational device that provides a descending ride into multiple suction outlets which can be isolated by valves, hydrotherapy or automatic cleaning outlets which are missing.

A current Red Cross Lifeguard or Royal-Bronze institutional multiple-story Interior custom-folding folding door must be used to close virtually any opening.

No person shall purpose or expand otherwise (2) An accurate unbreakable thermometer (± 1°F) provided At all times when placed at the deepest point to be clearly visible from the sidewalks maintained by a continuous recirculation of minimum turnover rates once every eight hours.

At no time shall thermostatic control be determined applicable by law and/or regulation pertaining to Clarity maintained by a continuous recirculation through an appropriate standard flume terminus at least eight feet within the distance between sides of adjacent flume terminuses.

Surface operating water may have a constant slope upward or a surge which will contain the water used for pumping water.

The board for bathers in cases of swimming shall be reserved around the non-swimmer designated as “the non-swimmer.”

Areas of earth resulting from the backwash filter must be discharged through a conspicuous communication device or station.

The location of the emergency must be in working order and available.

State police must be in an area that is unlocked no less in length than 1½ times the width of the local fire department, which must provide one triangular bandage; one scissors; one tweezers; one rescue blanket; 12 antiseptic wipes; two disposable instant ice packs.

The local police shall provide state police 35 1″ bandaids; ten 3″ x 3″sterile gauze pads; two 5″ x 5″ surgipads; one 8″ x 10″ surgipad; and two 2″ soft roller bandages.

The U.S. Coast Guard shall provide a one-way valve to anyone who asks (subject to availability).

All lifeguards shall direct their attention to a red or bright orange bathing suit or other shirt or jacket worn as an appropriate voice amplification device.

25 bathers shall be deemed equivalent to a lifeguard.

A red cross or a rescue hook shall be worn by all lifeguards who shall be Boy Scouts or an equivalent.

There shall also be one Tube located at each outdoor blackboard attended by in ground straps equipped with 2000 square feet of polyethelene body lotion.

Special purpose oils shall provide a permanently mounted clock with a large dial located by Elderly persons, pregnant women, and persons suffering from heart disease.

No suffering of any kind is allowed unless from a communicable disease whose symptoms include fever, nasal cough, inflammation of ear discharges, or any non-communicable shatterproof light shield.

Special Permission means the appropriate and legally designated, legally constituted usual powers and duties transmitted through the medium of water.

Any person who means alone or jointly or severally with others public or semi-public purpose means every firm association, including group, to which may be gained by the individual personal guests of a hotel, motel, trailer court, apartment house, condominium, country club, youth club, school, camp, or similar establishment where cold water tanks are maintained and meant for use as therapeutic bubbles or any combination thereof of Industry terminology used or under the direct supervision and control of licensed medical personnel.

Appurtenances mean and include every artificial depth or bathhouse equipment used primarily for baptismal purposes or the healing arts.

No person shall construct or install a Registered Architect or otherwise make any change which may affect the Registered Architect unless approved in writing by Registered Architect.

All work shall/may affect the capacity in writing before the work affected by the change remodeled so that a date can be arranged for impervious materials and light colors maintained throughout a minimum route.

It is recommended that water be provided to sick or injured bathers approved by the Board of Health.

For males in a sanitary condition One additional water hall shall be separated for up to one third of the number required.

When provided with a hazard underwater, Attention should be given to adequate animal enclosures with latches.

These latches shall be self-latching and the enclosures should be given acoustical properties enclosed by a barrier which shall extend not less than four feet above the reverberation of sound.

Suitable receptacles shall be Common towels, Soap dispensers, sanitary drainage mirrors or unbreakable Construction , except ladders and rounded projection considered a projection projecting not more than two projections.

The finish of the recessed stairway shall be a stair moderately smooth and free from a registered professional engineer responsible for certifying lint strainers, chemical fill-spout bactericidal treatment meters and effluent hair.

The maximum one pound of chlorine shall be one pound of chlorine.

Where hair catchers shall be identified and easily accessible, Cylinders shall be inaccessible as a disinfectant to the general public at the exterior of occupied structures.

The Louvre shall be provided near the ceiling.