Ten More Things You May Not Have Already Known

The real-life inspiration for “the farmer in the dell” actually lived in a glen.

The Empire State Building grows at a rate of 2.25 inches per year.

Shetland ponies are small in stature due to an ancient curse.

The first camera capable of capturing the human soul was invented in 1879.

Most Navy SEALS are actually people!

In 1684, the HMS Victory became the first ship in the English Fleet to be sailed entirely by Great Danes.

When boiled and eaten, Dachshunds – commonly referred to as “wiener dogs” due to their resemblance to walking, furry, hot dogs with tails – do not taste like hot dogs at all, but more like rancid veal.

All mirrors begin as glass figurines of whales, which mirror-makers then roll, flatten, and shine.

Genghis Khan’s real name was Ira Finkleman.

If you fold yourself in half, then fold yourself in half again, and keep on folding yourself in half, you will reach the moon by the 32nd fold!