I express
away again
away again
a sway again
a sagging before looking
away again


I suppress
a day again
a day again
away again
a lagging before sleeping
a day again

my soul yearns for butcher who can make soup containing very little meat

my soul yearns for butcher who can make soup
containing very little meat.
as a deer longs
for flowing
evil sparkle dust,
so my soul longs for
beautiful melodies
disturbing my spirit,
raising bamboo decals on
red-gold coconut milk
with a consoling, but punishing heat.

*     *     *     *     *

I am widening my table
to be as wide as the room.

I am raising my table
to be as high as the ceiling.

I am canceling my subscriptions to
House Beautiful and Architectural Digest
because their antiquated notions
of what a dining room should look like
disgust me.

*     *     *     *     *

So that I could shriek every time I heard the voice
of a milkman or caught sight of a butcher,
I learned much
from a kindly butcher
and a kindly milkman –
and the milkman was so kindly
he’d even do a reach-around.

*     *     *     *     *

My soul thirsts for romance with
non-meat Chicken Soup.

My flesh longs for
“nicey-nice,” “positive”
stew cuts.

This is part of why I am
on Effexor.

*     *     *     *     *

Here’s something The Iron Chef
will not tell you:

No Japanese meal is complete without
the deprived-crab wheelie bags and
literally anything whose slime falls fast as sweat will
when it is summer and you are on horseback.

But do not permit sour seafood
to taint your wonderful choices
of a crowns from a sweet,
yeasty, pull-apart
fleet of necks or
glorious mindful sand castles
similar to corn meal
in childish eyes.

*     *     *     *     *

my fine beach
is on fire –
even in Paradise.

this doesn’t quite make my mouth water,
but it doesn’t make me want to cancel
the clambake either.

but that’s me!
I’ve raised a few chickens
and tapped the maple tree
(that is to say that
I once was physically doing all of these things).

*     *     *     *     *

standing in an oven to
get a first-hand look, are you,
Food Informant?

you can find everything in
Prevention but
the handle
can’t you?

you, bald-headed inside of two
de-boned Holy Arks!
on account of your degrading yourself,
my sense is
thick and creamy (not to mention on

My six-door marrow-chili,
bigger than some feelings
swollen with eggs,
makes my gullet full of
“sickness” in the best way possible.

My back is

My own family
was widely believed to speed death by giving the departing soul a
bar of soap, so at the last shower
there would be soap
and not soup.

But that’s OK.
I am a big “Monkey Man”
chopped down to little monkey pieces
you can buy wholesale in cases like
canned chicken carcasses.

*     *     *     *     *

Sometimes, while chopping
or sautéing the old-fashioned way
Jupiter’s discriminations,
I think, “And to think,
something in this
butcher paper
was also once inside of me.”

*     *     *     *     *

Man breathing,
my back
pickled tongue!

My soul
is endlessly lapping at an unpeeled onion!

My stomach
is pretty great too!

*     *     *     *     *

my favorite photo is
the photo simply
of the shells in a large heart,
the perfectly thin mound
of haste,
my mother’s
best friend’s birthday treat –
boiling the accident
down to
a garbure, which is a lovely French soup.

*     *     *     *     *

Who would destroy

Who would encrust
the classic conflict of flesh vs. soul,
and townfolk vs. Little grublings who need no soup?

Be careful that your skin is not
too hot, as this will cause the
Baal in silence to dine on vulture-soup
and inadvertently
grow larger than your logic,
grander than Auntie Lee’s Meat Pies,
1000% more potent than
100% biblically-true strength of
hot bean soup
which resides in one’s muscles
not very long.

*     *     *     *     *

How can I help my chef
to trust in God’s care
when she is afraid of
a certain type of
lamb sausage?

God who is the hayfield
so that the horses could graze over,
bless the “The Christmas ham.”
Bless the hay
paired with fennel.
Bless a weathered soul with cowboy ghost features.
Bless food fears
and food
and pet a pig
and enjoy the pre-semen malt.

*     *     *     *     *

Crazy she-doctor opening
“real” patients
near a deserted stretch of road
that might have involved
a sudden detour,
my goal is to
use meat more as a flavoring than as a
piccolo –
and I always achieve my goals!

*     *     *     *     *

Deep, bottom of the
dying-to-be-there auntie
wholly saturating my
odd lemon delight
in all of its flowing words
available in an eternal wake,
in the past,
my chili
raged all around
a rifle,
my humble,
painfully short,
damp, depleted,
tent remained unpacked
in the motel parking lot,
my soul longed for
gratitude, plans, wishes, desires,
my psyche (or soul) became fragmented during
the stew course
and then yearned to
cure cucumber.

Now my soul magnifies its own
butcher knife eyelashes –
shredding my insides when my soul
blinks rapidly.

*     *     *     *     *

Yeah, My Hoppin’ Soul
is ‘a rollin’ around in meat
to make a small package
of meat
flat like a meat rug.

*     *     *     *     *

What difference does it make whether the bottle is
a dish or a broken blue ski
that has this like gloopy wallpaper of boots
filling up the boot?

I know I will eventually
get the soup into my mouth.

I know it as sure as I know that
in a post-apocalyptic future
My Mother Can’t Possibly Know
the only hungry soul.

my gentle, loving and utterly older Edible Cap

it’s always been understood:

cakes and breads
add charm to
kittens & kin
on the loose

Certain genetic diseases make the victim more in a hurry. Sort of …

Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bears
are the species most commonly farmed
in other areas of the
‘Little Tummy’

(ANY mention of this to other people makes
their skulls into a structural model of the cross –
so don’t all Edward Snowden on us)

in a world yearning for iconbunny HOMESCHOOLED Labradoodles
and winsome Wheatens
sometimes you have to be the shit
and sometimes you have to be the shit test
copiously checking the shit for color, consistency, amount, shape, odor,
and the presence of mucus, hidden (occult) blood, fat,
meat fibers, bile, white blood cells and sugars

is this
the face
so eager to
fill that strangely
absent much older
group of flawed but marvelous
creatures that came before humans?

Another question:

Good Lord Where Can I Hide?

Surely not inside
Pixar’s great mascot, Luxo Jr.,
or the Iron Giant?

Observations Regarding Birds by Robert Durst (to be read using your best Robert Durst imitation)

Sometimes a happy bird lands on your shoulder
and it stays there singing happily away –
and maybe it’s a day you’re not necessarily
in the mood for that chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp
and it starts to drive you a little crazy.

You try to shoo it away
but it stays there.
No matter how many times
you say “Shoo!”
or you tell it,
“You NEED to
You need to be
“This has got to stop NOW –
The bird is still there.

So when nothing happens,
if the bird will not listen to reason,
well then you are at the point where
you have to take the matter
into YOUR OWN hands.
And you squeeze that bird
until it stops singing.

If it’s a small bird,
like a sparrow or a robin,
you dispose of the cadaver –
because who walks around
with a dead bird in their hands?

If it’s a bigger bird,
like a partridge or a cornish hen,
or a REALLY bigger bird
like a chicken or a turkey,
well, that’s great,
then you have your dinner
for the evening right there
and you didn’t even need to go
to Wegmans.
Maybe it’s your lucky day after all.

Who would have thought.

Acrobats of the Colon

“The kidneys, liver, spleen, stomach, pancreas,
large and small intestine can each
dislocate without injury –
as is well illustrated in the feats of acrobats.”

– Mao Tse-Tong

A Brief Note from the Director of the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

We hope you enjoy every bit of the
Extreme Ass Acrobats and Colon Licking Legends Orchestra
of the People’s Republic of China
and their virtuoso extreme ass acrobatics and colon licking.

Tonight, the Legends Orchestra will be colon licking
the transverse part of the colon which is usually
attached to the stomach at the point where we typically
find acrobats and fancy dancers
who later turn into extreme anus acrobats and colon licking athletes.

By way of an introduction to the apparent over-exertion of athletes,
acrobats and contortionists, the colon is commonly
disregarded in the consideration of the matter;
however, the marvelous grace, strength and agility of
their trapezees (i.e. where the ends of the fingers go)
descending from the splenic flexure of the colon down
the transverse ly — n transver ston — transverse colon (anatom)
brings us to the part of the drums of the marching bands where
the acrobats of the Colon shoots must be considered in full
to be paramount.

Now onto the performance!

Movement I

The semi-colon is used to join together

You can almost hear the clock ticking
owing to the amiability of an acrobat
up the colon

thrust into the bowels as far as the axilla

who gave up drinking and smoking
but all while still has a good Reason to Party

Movement II

Add colons where they are needed in the following sentences.
Example: Hi everyone, well I’m headed to the colon

turning left/right/using a stool, squating

I asked him, well, why can’t I push the bm out without using acrobats?
and he said it is because of my colonic inertia. Has anyone else had this
series of messages or random acrobats showing up to perform stunts
in their colon and then take those “look at my strong arm” photos?

sometimes you wake up
and the day feels a little too
“colon blossom in a nasty prolapse good to be true”
good to be true


Movement III

Part 1. Acrobatics of Electrical Appliances

The Lady is to be
Lovely detailed frogs
Perfect for your home or
circus performance
Custom Zippered pillowcase
Highly Electrical Appliances
accompanied by
Approved acrobatic maneuvers
Sampling strange noises and making a
Gymnastics Mat out of them is nothing new
to the left field producers and fans of
6 Equipment; 7 Popular culture; 8 Military training;
9 Derivative terminologies
and resistant Red Arrows Between A-list off-destinations
and early childhood /educational > Party /magic > Magic
Teaching < acrobatic equipment

Part 2. Your Colon Chooses You (Like Cats)

You can find whatever
Czech juggling stick
you want
as long as it’s a Czech juggling stick
you can trust
or a
magic Qigong props iron machine
unless related to an appliance repair,
tropical bird therapy, colon hair
& Supplies for cleaning
Cheerleaders’ Super Mini Stunts
(How they dance the mohawk home!)
I wish you could see them
in the middle of completing a
(i.e. An intentional maneuver involving an abrupt change in a coin-operated

Part 3. Find Jobs

on Furniture
on home soil

Part 4. Enemies of the Colonoscopy of the State

acrobats of the colon
be forewarned
we will be watching out for anything too
such as Balloons, cameras, jewelry and watches, knives, electrical appliances,
educated canines,
microwave ovens

Part 5. Can I spend my days dunking with Junior?

you CAN spend your days dunking with Junior.
You already know the Longest Flip Dunk-Over Appliances
The clear message in that
atmospheric music
interspersed with
Soft-Radio Controlled-Dancing
Car Dance dance grooves & moves
including leads that are tested, tagged and
down with The Acrobatic Gerbil look
that usually travels from town to
freezer and then remains stored for long periods of time
in a vacuum cleaner
you will find
a specialist provider of consumer focused
aquatic Handstand Bowls
Apollo Diagonal Cereals ·
choreographing washing machines
thinking of customers’ needs beyond
dancers in a new show
outside the boat
or not attached to any
theatrical purpose or activity
for safety reasons
from the least expensive to most popular

Part 6. Pet Dance Course in Juggling

4 Channels in
a 6 Axis Gyroscope

for Arial

that never exceed the speed of 250 knots
and the factors used for part 23


Special After the Performance Q&A

Audience members are invited after the show to come up to the stage
for an informal and informational Q&A with members of the Extreme Ass Acrobats and Colon Licking Legends Orchestra of the People’s Republic of China.

Bring your questions and your colons!

This That

Visual poetry


be_the_first_thing_that_comes_to_ my_mind();

these words don’t fall to know where

these words don’t fall to know where
these words don’t know where to fall
words where these don’t know to fall
words know where these don’t fall to
don’t know where to fall these words
don’t fall to where these words know
where words know to fall these don’t
fall to where these words don’t know
where these words don’t know to fall
where these words don’t fall to know
these know to fall where words don’t
fall these words don’t know to where
these don’t fall where words know to
these know where words don’t fall to
where to know fall these words don’t
fall to these don’t know where words
fall to these where words don’t know
don’t fall to words where these know
fall words to where these don’t know
don’t know to where these words fall
know to fall these don’t where words
don’t know where words fall to these
words to fall where these don’t know

a smoking thing of danger

it’s never the things we love
not our father or our mother
not our child or our bride –
it is the things we smother

which makes us


this other of the other

this us
who is the darkness
who is nobody’s brother

lucky you who do not have
a smoking thing of danger
that makes us look at all we love
through the eyes of a stranger

the breathing roams the room the breathing roams

who was so
impressive in
minimally conveying
the majestic
of fate
underneath a landscape
who spoke
to you
told you
of the lives
on the margins
in between the gears
the earlier period of
a superb consuming
until it becomes clear
rose noses pose
share their
not long before
the breathing roams
the room
the breathing roams
not long
before contradictions
share their rose
noses pose
until it becomes clear cloud
a superb consuming the earlier
period of in between
the gears on
the margins of the lives told
you to you
who spoke
underneath a landscape
disconnected of fate
the majestic
minimally conveying
impressive in
who was
was who in impressive conveying
minimally majestic
the continuity
fate of disconnected landscape
an underneath spoke
who you
to you
told lives the
of margins
the long
gears the between in
of period earlier
the consuming clear
becomes it
until cloud position
spirit pose
noses rose their share
contradictions before long
not roams
breathing the
the breathing roams not long
before contradictions share their rose
noses pose
spirit position cloud
until it becomes clear consuming
the earlier period of in between
gears long the margins of the lives told
you to you who spoke underneath
a landscape disconnected of fate
the majestic minimally conveying
impressive in who was